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Cyclists should be seen, not hurt! Here's how to mind your motorcycles.

It is important to be aware of the other vehicles sharing the road with you. Motorcycles are smaller in size, which makes them easier to miss, which can result in a collision. Motorcyclists do not have the same kind of protection as someone in a car or truck would, which means that they are almost always injured in crashes.


If you're expecting to see motorcycles, then you're more likely to notice them. Pay attention especially at intersections - since they are lighter than other vehicles they can stop in shorter distances. You should leave more room between yourself and…
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Three essential features your truck needs before towing

Trucks riding down the highway are a common sight here in Houston, Texas. Sometimes it seems like they outnumber the cars! Whether you own a truck for work purposes, to handle your hobbies or just to fit in, we have some tips for your ride. 

One great thing about our Nissan trucks is that they help you out in all kind of situations. They can tow your boat out to the launch. They can help?

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Community Involvement: Nissan Donates $1 Million to Habitat for Humanity

Over the past nine years, the Nissan brand has been involved in donating to Habitat for Humanity International. During this time, Nissan has donated $11.6 million including its recent $1 million pledge in September 2014.



Habitat for Humanity was founded in 1976. As stated on their website, ?Habitat for Humanity?s vision is a world where everyone has a decent place?

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The coolest way to save gas? Don’t be such a drag!

You have probably been told that you can save gas by turning off your air conditioning and rolling down your windows. No matter what, turning off the AC helps your gas mileage more than it hurts.  But it?s not so black and white when it comes to windows!  Cars are designed to slice through the air, so depending on your speed, rolling your windows down could slow you down.  To avoid aerodynamic drag, keep?
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Things to Do in Houston this Weekend

It may only be Thursday, but we already have the weekend on our minds! Especially since it'll be a long one with the Labor Day holiday. Check out a list of great events going on in Houston and surrounding areas this weekend. Where will you be heading? 

  1. Houston Restaurant Week ends September 1 - over 170 restaurants have been participating in Houston Restaurant Week which launched August 1. It's a great weekend to hit all your favorite spots in the events final days!
  2. Catch an Astros game - Houston Astros are taking on the Texas Rangers at Minute Maid park…
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Meet The 2014 Nissan Quest: Minivan Master

Get to know the 2014 Nissan Quest. When it comes to what keeps you smiling behind the wheel, which factors are important to you?  J.D. Power & Associates wants to know what makes you happy out on the road? that?s why the APEAL Study is conducted every year!  The 2014 results are in? and Fred Haas Nissan has some exciting news!  

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Pinching Pennies at the Pump

With rising gas costs and a tighter economy, it?s no secret that everyone is trying to save at the pump. But how? Don?t worry, we?re here to help with some tips for saving your money and getting more bang for your buck.


  • Check prices online before going out ? GasBuddy.com is a pretty good option.
  • Turn the gas nozzle 180 degrees before you put it back ? this could put up to half a cup of unpumped gas into your fuel tank!
  • Don?t run your gas tank at almost empty. Half full or higher is better because…
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