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Pinching Pennies at the Pump

With rising gas costs and a tighter economy, it?s no secret that everyone is trying to save at the pump. But how? Don?t worry, we?re here to help with some tips for saving your money and getting more bang for your buck.


  • Check prices online before going out ? GasBuddy.com is a pretty good option.
  • Turn the gas nozzle 180 degrees before you put it back ? this could put up to half a cup of unpumped gas into your fuel tank!
  • Don?t run your gas tank at almost empty. Half full or higher is better because…
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The Details on Detailing

Your car is a mess. I mean, a MESS. And you?re thinking about getting it detailed. Sound familiar to anyone? But what exactly happens when you take your ride in for the full clean? We can offer you a little insight on some of what the service entails.

It starts on the outside. The wheels, tires, doorjambs, bumpers, grilles, anything you can think of that doesn?t count as ?interior? gets cleaned spotless first?

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Nissan LEAF Celebrates 4 Years

Nissan?s LEAF, the world?s top selling electric vehicle, celebrates four years on the market in 2014. The original LEAF was first available to consumers in 2010. To date, more than 110,000 have been sold.


What?s not to love about the Nissan LEAF? The 5 seat vehicle marries efficiency with elegance. A premium wheel is now offered as well as a lush leather interior. The LEAF also allows drivers to sit up higher than in other maker?s electric models. Not to mention the estimated 126 city MPG is out of this world.

Interested? Fred Haas Nissan…

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How to check for common cooling system problems

The temperatures are rising, and summer is here. The season usually spells lots of family trips, long drives, and?overheating issues. It?s good to get to know the various parts of your cooling system to avoid getting stranded with a busted engine!


The Radiator ? have your mechanic give it a good checkout before you go on a long summer trip! In places where the roads are salted, the core of the radiator can rot away, which will cause your car to overheat. This could literally melt your engine. A plugged radiator core can also cause overheating, which will be…

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Meet the Gorgeous 2015 Nissan Murano

The new 2015 Nissan Murano is a sharp departure from boring, utilitarian vehicle design. You really want to drink this baby in from every angle, and you?ll probably find yourself doing a (or many) double takes on the road. The redesigned Murano is smooth, aquiline shape comes in eight different shades of excellent ? a little something for every taste.



The 2015 model is currently set to arrive in late 2014, and Fred Haas Nissan can hardly wait to get our hands on the wheel. Until we receive it on the lot, photos will have to do the trick.



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4 Ways To Make Your Truck Stand Out

Nowadays, it's all about being unique. From your cellphone background to your hairstyle. The same should apply to your Nissan truck! We've seen many a customized vehicle come through our lot and service center. We thought we would pass along some great customization ideas to you. Here's everything from minor additions to complete overhauls that will make your truck stand out.


- Trick Your Tires.  Whether you?re thinking of semi-truck tires or adding flare with spinning rims, you?ll be rollin? in style. Customized tires help to express your personality and differentiate your ride from all the…

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Check Engine Light: What To Remember, What To Do, & What It All Means

It?s one of the most common occurrences on the road, but how do you handle it?  If the ?check engine? light comes on while you?re out and about, do you know what to do?  Here?s a hint: don?t panic!  Here are a few things to keep in mind:


The first thing you should do is pay attention to the sound and feel of your car. Is there smoke coming out of the tailpipe? Any odd mechanical rattling? You should stop and call for help if you notice anything abnormal about the way your vehicle is running…

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Trying to stay cool this summer? Here's car AC tips!

Is your car working hard or working smart? There is such a thing as doing too much! AVOID doing these two things and watch your summer get a whole lot cooler.


NEVER turn your car off without switching the AC off first! Powering off your vehicle while the air is still running creates a small shock in the air conditioning system that can have damaging side effects over time. Ideally, you should switch off the AC a few blocks from your destination. It?s fine to keep the fan running.

NEVER crank your AC from 0 to full blast! We…

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Nissan LEAF 50,000 Milestone Reached

Nissan is proud to announce a huge milestone that was hit this month, May 2014. The 50,000th Nissan LEAF electric vehicle is now on the road! The special LEAF was delivered to a family in Dallas, Texas. The family was impressed with not only the gas saving ability of the car but also the way it drives and handles the road.

The five passenger vehicle was introduced into the United States market in 2010…

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You'll never hear "Are we there yet?" again

If you?re hitting the road this summer, you should be gripping the steering wheel of a brand new 2014 Nissan Rogue. Compact crossovers line the roads these days, and each one promises to amaze. But the Rogue isn?t about making promises?it sets itself apart without saying a word.



Introducing your road trip saving grace: the Divide-N-Hide system! Anywhere there is space in the Rogue, there is a way to use it. Store it all: beach gear, luggage, toys for the drive?even that pesky laundry that always seems to build up during vacation.  Oh, and don?t…

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