Alternator Service Near Me In Tomball, TX

alternator Service In Tomball, TX

At the local Nissan dealership near you, our dedicated service team is committed to helping you hit the road with confidence. At Fred Haas Nissan, our service department wants to help our Tomball, TX customers correct potential issues that may arise with your battery and alternator. Your car’s alternator plays a vital role in maintaining your Nissan’s battery functionality. Our service staff is here to help our Tomball, Spring, Houston, The Woodlands, and Cypress neighbors better understand how your alternator works and how to spot warning signs that your vehicle may need to be evaluated by our professional technicians. 


An alternator is a generator that converts mechanical energy into electricity for your Nissan car or SUV to use in order to continually recharge your battery. In the absence of this power supply, your car battery’s power reserve would be insufficient to maintain your Nissan’s electrical system while traveling. 


To help you properly maintain your alternator and keep your Nissan running at its best, Fred Haas Nissan wants to provide our customers with a list of warning signs that could indicate your vehicle’s alternator needs to be serviced. 


Dim Lights or Overly Bright Lights - These could include interior lights, dashboard lights, headlights, and taillights. You may also notice that the lights in your car are flickering while in use. Other electrical components in the vehicle may also work more slowly than is usual.


Difficulty with Starting Your Car, Frequent Stalling, or Dead Battery - While sometimes, this can just be a failing battery, a malfunctioning alternator can be spotted if your battery is dying more frequently than it should be. Another indicator is when you are trying to jump start a depleted battery and the battery will not continue to run once disconnected from jumper cables.


Strange or Burning Smell - As alternators work with a belt system, if a belt is malfunctioning, you may notice the smell of burning rubber. You may also smell heated wires if the electrical system is malfunctioning due to your alternator not operating correctly


If you have noticed any of these warning signs, the team at Fred Haas Nissan are here to help our Tomball, Spring, Houston, The Woodlands, and Cypress drivers hit the open road with confidence. Are you ready to schedule your alternator evaluation at the local service center near you in Tomball, TX? Come by and visit our team at 24202 Tomball Pkwy, Tomball, TX 77375 or call us at 281-547-7118 with your service questions. You can also head over to our service coupons page to discover the service offers currently available at our Nissan service department. You can also explore our Fred Haas Family Plan online.