Nissan Service Specials in Tomball, TX

Sunbit Service Financing

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Oil Change and Tire Rotation

Synthetic oil just works better!
$10 OFF
SERVICE INCLUDES Drain existing fluid Replace with proper oil Replace oil filter with premium OEM filter

Detail Service

Cleaner cars run better!
SERVICE INCLUDES Wash and wax exterior 1 year warranty: protects against bird droppings, tree sap, minor scuffs, water stains, and road grime. exterior wash with paint sealant. tire and wheel Shine, Interior vacuum, wipe down dash, center console and door panels. all glass

Senior Citizens Discount

Allow us to show our appreciation with a discount.
15% up to $75
SERVICE INCLUDES Discount for seniors Must be over the young age of 62

Severe vs. Normal Driving?

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SEVERE DRIVING Stop-and-go or heavy traffic conditions Extreme heat or cold Fully-loaded vehicle Towing a trailer or boat Frequent idling Driving in mountains or steep hills Driving on dusty, muddy, gravel or salted roads Frequent short commutes
Fred Haas Nissan Special

Service Savings Special

Save Up To
Spend $100
$10 off
Spend $200
$15 off
Spend $300
$20 off
Spend $400
$25 off
Spend $500 or more
$50 off
Fred Haas Nissan

Oil Change Rebate

$10 Off
Replace existing fluid with premium conventional oil Replace oil filter with premium OEM filter Includes multi-point inspection
Fred Haas Nissan

Medical Personnel Discount

10% Off
SERVICE INCLUDES: A discount on any regularly priced service. Valid for Paramedics, Nurses, and Doctors
Military Discount

Military Discount

Honor Discount
APPLIES TO: Active duty & retired military Active duty & retired police Active duty & retired firefighters Active duty & retired EMT's Other first responders may also be eligible

Brake Service Special

$25 Off Per Axle
Trust our factory-trained and certified technicians to restore your brakes to its original performance. Titan and Armada brake special $219.95. Service Includes: Replace Brake Pads, Inspect Rotors, Inspect All Other Brake Systems

Brake Inspection

SERVICE INCLUDES Inspect brake pads & linings Inspect caliper operation Inspect rotors Inspect hoses and other connections Inspect parking brake
Fred Haas Nissan

Parts & Accessories Discount

Parts Discount when ordered online
20% Off
VALID ON: Available on all powertrain parts Available on exterior parts & accessories Available on interior parts & accessories Includes free curbside pick-up Delivery options available
Fred Haas Nissan Special

4-Wheel Alignment

SERVICE INCLUDES Precision 4-wheel alignment Adjust caster, camber & toe (where applicable) to factory specifications Inspect steering linkage Inspect shock absorbers/struts and suspension Check tire air pressure Multi-point inspection