Maximize Your EV Incentives

Whether you're buying or leasing, you can potentially save on EV rebates and incentives. Personalize your incentives below to see how much you can save. [*]

Incentives After Purchase[*]


Federal EV Charger Tax Credit

A federal tax credit may be available for 30%, up to $1,000, of the total cost of buying and installing an EV charger in your home. Tax credits reduce taxes owed but do not guarantee a tax refund. Always consult with a tax advisor.


Fuel Savings

Electric vehicles are less expensive to fuel than gasoline vehicles. Never pay for gas again.


avg. per year


Maintenance Savings

Electric vehicles have less moving parts, which means you save on maintenance. You'll never need another oil change, transmission flush, or timing belt repair again.


avg. per year


Environmental Savings

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By replacing a gas vehicle with an EV, you'll reduce your vehicle's carbon footprint up to 76% per year. If every American followed your lead, we'd reduce our country's total carbon emissions by 22%.


lbs CO2e reduced/year


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